About us

Bjørn Hangel – Founder of Solidarity

Solidarity is an organization established in 2016 and looking to expand rapidly.
The focus is to establish an organization, with teams in all major eSporting event around the world.
Since Solidarity is an upcoming eSporting team,  there is yet to be a firm hold in the top levels of the major leagues.


Solidarity was founded by Bjørn Hangel, with the idea of creating a community within a professional eSport team, where players across the different teams, can benefit and learn from each other.

Bjørn Hangel, being an enthusiast in the eSporting world and having an entrepreneur mentality, have all ways dreamed of starting his own team.
Solidarity was founded with the hopes of competing as an international team. Creating a wide community within the organization, and help new talent to get into the eSporting scence.

For the nearest furture, Solidarity wants to explore its potential, and get a foothold on a national level.
Following the above mentioned milestone, the goal for the organization is to reach a point of international recognition and self-sufficiency.

All teams in solidarity have one objective, focus on professionalism and player improvement.